SNR-F200 | Smart Digital Food Temperature Probe

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The Digital Food Probe assesses the temperature of solid or liquid foods to ensure they are safe and ready-to-eat. Equipped with a leaded needle probe, the device measures temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) and accurately reports the internal temperature of cooked or refrigerated food. Temperatures are displayed on the device's screen and recorded on the online web application, viewmysensors, creating an easy-to-read log of current and past readings. Probe settings - including notifications, alerts, reports, and maps are customizable via the online interface.


  • Superior Range: Offer 3 to 4 times the range of standard sensor platforms, extending non-line-of-sight reach to an exceptional 1,200+ feet through walls (12-14 walls typical).
  • Removable/replaceable probe for easy cleaning
  • Wide temperature range for reading of hot and cold foods (-58F to 500F)
  • Versatile - Handheld or wall mounted
  • Secure Wireless Communications: Encrypt-RF® Security for all sensor data messages, maintaining security at all communication points.
  • Data storage: Integrated on-board data storage allows sensors to store data messages if communication to a wireless gateway is disrupted (power outage, Internet outage, or out of range).
  • Over-the-air updates allow products to be updated remotely if new fixes or features become available.


  • Ovens and cooking device monitoring
  • Food Temperature Monitoring
  • Food Cooling Monitoring