Field Monitoring Solution

That will help you say goodbye to guesswork and
say hello to time & money saved.

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When there's demand to produce more with less,
make technology work for you.

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Monitor equipment, temperatures to ensure quality product and food safety compliance.

Manage farm equipment usage to prevent unauthorized use and increase utilization

Automate production processes to minimize loss

Monitor field conditions to increase crop production yields

Remote Monitoring Solutions for any grow operation, today and tomorrow.

Combining ease of use with enterprise-grade solutions, security, scalability, and flexibility.


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Explore a range of programmable, easy to use wirelss sensors, gateways, and bundles.

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Wireless Temperature Senors

Our temperature sensors are incredibly versatile, ideal for any area where temps could impact product quality, safety and degrade performance assets. Use to monitor food storage, facilities, greenhouse and more. The sensors trigger an alert based on a temperature limit you set to protect your inventory, equipment and your business. Choose from several options to tailor for your specific needs.


Monitor more than just your temperature

From open/close, water leaks, motion, relative humidity and more

Receive alerts when RH(%) levels is not what you're expecting.


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Get notified when a door is opened or closed for a specific period of time.


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Detect movement of people, animals and objects in real-time.


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Didn't find the sensor you were looking for?

Choose from over 50 multi-industry supported sensors.


Find the right one for your application.

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IoT Gateway

The IoT Gateway


Select from cellular, ethernet, WiFi with Bluetooth (BLE), or both act as a hub for all your wireless sensors. With large memory capacity and store and forward capabilities, the gateway can store sensor readings internally in the event of power loss or connectivity interruptions. Best of all, everything is plug and play to install.


Simple, powerful cloud-based management software that's proven to transform your operations.

Monitoring Software on PC or Smart Phone

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A View the data you need and want, 
right from the start

The dashboard makes your data accessible and useful from the first screen. Whether you want data from your computer or a smart device, the easy-to-use interface provides real-time and historical status information of your connected equipment, so you can get the answers to important questions and get back to running your business.


 - Alerts & Notification
 - Remote Sensor Configuration
 - Integrated Security
 - Analytics & Reports
 - Permission-based Access & Controls


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How it works

Setup and Support

Simple to use from day one. But if you need help, we offer one-on-one implementation services and customers support for all our customers.

24/7/365 support is available online using our support center.


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Chicks on a farm

Driving measurable ROI in as little as one season.

It takes 50 days to grow a chicken to market size and only 1 heatwave to impact your production.

Under severe heat stress, production efficiency drops and mortality risks rise.


Monitor temperature and humidity levels to improve or maintain egg production growth and hatching rates and quality.

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