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We're on a mission to improve our customer's operations with the use of wireless sensors and software technology because we believe in innovation and technology - what it can provide when implemented correctly. Our goal is to make a difference and make a positive impact in everything we do.

20+ years in the making, fueled to make a difference.

A legacy and succecss in technology

Passion Led Us Here

Over 20 years of Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine tracking and monitoring technologies experience.


From ideation to launch of award-winning IoT service solutions and hardware.


Experience in large-scale deployment, global and domestic, for commercial, government and DoD clients.

Operational to strategic industry and market knowledge.


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Our Story | Making a difference

After a long career in Satellite Tracking, Internet of Things, and Wireless Monitoring, and over 10 years of Scott and others encouraging me to do so, I am very pleased to announce the official launch of Miranda Solutions Group!


In the years since we first worked together at AeroAstro, seventeen years ago, Scott and I have worked together, founded other companies, partnered, and even competed in the industry… and now we are back together, working hard to build Miranda Solutions Group.


We are excited and grateful to have the opportunity to blend the things we've been passionate about over the last couple of decades - Tracking and monitoring things that we eat, drink, grow, and move around the world, using the right technology no matter what size the operation. Of all the things to track, why this - why food? Well, why not? Who doesn't like good food, great wine, cocktails, beer or all the other amazing things that grow, need to be monitored and protected? We are just one of many that enjoy these things, who happen to have the added passion for related technology, and truly believe in the benefits of safety, quality and increased profits delivered by the right Internet of Things, wireless monitoring solutions



The Team

Pia Mirandas, Co-Founder, President/CEO

Pia Miranda


Pia has over 20 years of expertise in helping companies overcome challenges, transform and achieve their goals. Her career is characterized by its diversity and breadth.  She's led global teams from small to large companies, successfully crafting, communicating and executing  relevant and meaningful strategies, identify and enter new markets, develop and launch products, streamline operations, complete acquisitions and integrations on both buy and sell side.  Prior to founding MSG, Pia's career as an entrepreneur and intrepreneur spans a diverse industry from IoT/M2M telematics, aerospace, defense, government, retail, food and beverage including ORBCOMM, Comtech Mobile Datacom, AeroAstro (acquired by Comtech Telecommunications) and Windy City Red Hots.  Pia specializes in solving business problems, transforming companies  and raising its performance to the next level.

Scott Rosenzweig, Co-Founder, EVP Sales

Scott Rosenzweig


Scott is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of expertise introducing industry-leading wireless tracking and monitoring solutions to government and commercial markets. Scott’s expertise is in the creation of wireless technology start-ups delivering comprehensive one-stop-shop wireless monitoring services solutions, and on the business side of manufacturing world-leading tracking devices, usually extremely reliable and ultra-rugged, battery-powered satellite tracking devices. Prior to founding MSG, Scott’s career as an executive and co-founder spans multiple satellite and cellular tracking and services companies, including Orbit One Communications (acquired, now Sierra Wireless), Sypes Canyon Communications (acquired, now Geoforce), and years as an international and business development executive at space-related companies serving government and commercial clients. Scott specializes in building lasting partnerships that lead to large-scale success in globe-leading efforts to deploy world-leading technologies while serving customers with integrity.

Angel Miranda, Business Development

Angel Miranda



Angel is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of practical experience in the food and beverage industry in extremely diverse operations, including managing, supervising, development, and opening of multiple uniquely concepts.  Angel’s profile draws upon decades of expertise and operational experience ranging from quick service and fast-casual businesses, chain operations, to fine dining and high volume catering and food truck operations.  Prior to joining MSG, Angel’s career as an entrepreneur and co-founder spans multiple food service and retail operations including his own food service concept, Windy City Red Hots which started as a food truck operation that grew into a multi-location eatery operating for 11 years and Enterprise Rental Car’s vehicle acquisitions department head where he managed a fleet of thousands of vehicles for 30 rental car branches in the fast paced Washington DC region.  Angel specializes in leveraging technology to streamline operation, maximizing efficiencies and increase customer engagement within the food and beverage as well as retail operations.

Company Information

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Suite 301

Leesburg, VA 20176

+1 703 239 3862


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