SNR-W220 | Water Detection Puck Sensor

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The Wireless Water Detection Sensor detects the presence and absence of water. The convenient water tight puck design allows the sensor to be placed anywhere it's dry or wet.

The Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor detects when water is present by completing the circuit between the two probe points (exposedstainless steel metal screw heads) on the bottom of the sensor. When detection state changes (water present or absent), the sensor will immediately turn on and transmit the data. The sensor can be configured to transmit when the detection state changes (water is present, or absent) or a scheduled heartbeat interval.

Note: water levels must be ~ 1.6mm high to trigger detection.


  • Superior Range: 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls non-line-of-sight
  • Long Battery Life: Advanced power management provides 10+ years**
  • Over-the-air updates: Allow products to be updated remotely if new fixes or features become available or configuration changes needs to be made.
  • Secure Wireless Communications: Encrypt-RF® Security for all sensor data messages, maintaining security at all communication points.
  • Data storage: Integrated on-board data storage allows sensors to store data messages if communication to a wireless gateway is disrupted (power outage, Internet outage, or out of range).


  • Water heater monitoring
  • Plumbing leak detection
  • Sump monitoring
  • Boat bilge monitoring
  • Reservoir level monitoring
  • Crawl space water intrusion monitoring