TKR-S110 | MSG Trackr-S

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MSG Multi-Industry Asset Tracker, solar rechargeable battery powered, with on-board sensors - Temp, Light, Humidity, Impact, Barometric Pressure, Location. Support for exter

One of the smallest and most cost effective equipment trackers on the market, the Trackr-S provides unparalleled insight over your assets in the field. Locate and check the status of assets, equipment, cargo, and more - remote from the web or from your smartphone.  

Equipped with humidity, temperature, light and impact sensors, the Trackr-S gives you the mission-critical visibility you want without the need to add any external sensors. The Trackr-S operates as an IoT Gateway, collecting external BLE sensor data within range enabling you to manage your assets with ease and focus your time on your business, instead of your equipment. With the graphical data display, you can easily view collected data, configure the device, set and receive alarms through SMS or e mail, all from any web enabled browser.


  • Plug and play: Quick and simple installation - installs in minutes
  • Visibility: Locate and check the status of machinery, tools and toolboxes, cargo and more.
  • Multi-sensor: Collect and log accurate readings of humidity, temperature, light exposure and impact status.
  • Field Replaceable Long Battery Life: Up to 3,400 transmissions, easily replaceable
  • Over-the-air updates allow products to be updated remotely if new fixes or features become available.


  • General Purpose Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Food Truck Tracking